The Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum

Batterij Saltzwebel Neu/Tirpitz


Domein Ravesijde

Nieuwportsesteenweg 636

8400 Oostende

Tel: (0032) (0)

Museum opening hours; April 1st - November 11th: 14.00 - 17.00 (No entrance after 16.00 hrs.)

Weekends / holidays / school holidays: from 10.30 am to 6 pm (last admission 1 hour before closing time).

Admission charge; 6.50 per person. (9.75 for the three museums) Audio guide included. ( In four languages).

The "Atlantik Wall" was series of coastal defensive batteries designed to repel any invasion by the Allied forces of Hitler's "Fortress Europe" during the Second World War.

From the coastline of Norway ( Schiermonnikoog ) leading south to the border between France and Spain, these emplacements, constructed of concrete and steel were to be the first line of defense from any attempted invasion.

Here at Oostende, this unique and very well preserved historical site is located in the sand dunes of the estate formerly owned by the Belgian Prince Karel, who personally resisted and prevented any demolition of these fortifications.

With sixty constructions from both WWI and WWII, interconnected with over two kilometers of trenches and galleries, I would recommend setting aside a full day to fully view this "Open Air" museum, preferably during the summer months when the opening hours are longer.

The tour of this museum is set in two parts, the first visiting the original WWI Aachen Battery, built in 1915 and used again during WWII. On the second stage you will visit the WWII Saltzwebel neu Battery series of bunkers, built in 1941.

A fascinating and extremely well preserved part of history. Recommended time to view in the brochures is 2 hours. However my visit was not long enough in one day, May 2005.

From the entrance and visitors centre to this "Open Air Museum" you will follow markers depicting the route to take.

Unfortunately, photography is NOT allowed. ( ? ).

The Domein Raversijde site also features the following;


A 500 year old archeological site of a fishermen's village. Visiting time approximately 90 minutes.

Memoriaal Prins Karel.

Regent of Belgium from 1944 until 1950, later to become a well known artist. (b.1903. d. 1983.) Visiting time approximately 60 minutes.

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